If you’re desperate and need a job done, write “XYZ” on the bulletin board at Shinjuku Station. That is a signal that you want to hire City Hunter. Ryo Saeba and Kaori Makimura make up City Hunter. Ryo is calm, cool, and an amazingly accurate shot. He is also the biggest lech since Ataru Moroboshi. Kaori is the “sister” (no blood relation, she was adopted) of Ryo’s deceased partner and runs the business side of City Hunter.

source: AnimeNfo

City Hunter

Czech translation: Idaho
English translation: Official subtitles from US DVDs
Czech editing for EPs 1 – 29: Steelista
Typesetting: Idaho, Joshuatree
Encode: Steelista



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  1. Thank you very much..
    Where can I find subtitle files
    I want to translate it into another language.

    • Well, the subtitles are muxed in the video file…
      I just hope you don’t plan to use our videos like the Turkish guys from Korpyt, do you?

  2. downloaded the s1 nyaatorrents. are the subs czech? any english subtitles available? thanks.

    • You need to switch the subtitle track from Czech (default, because we’re Czechs :p ) to English.

  3. no english subtitles for selection when i tried the files for MPC & windows media player. was hoping it was part of the “Mokkori_City_Hunter_01-51.md5” file included in the torrent downloads, but couldn’t load it. thanks anyway, will try to enjoy it raw. :)

  4. You seem to have either downloaded corrupted files or didn’t download them properly or any other problem with filters. Nonetheless, there are English subtitles muxed in the video—I have personally muxed the files. Here is the proof: http://img515.imageshack.us/img515/4518/mokkoricityhunter01f633.png

  5. I know
    not for sale or rent.
    Rest assured.

    • No, man. I just don’t like other people to use our videos for their release.

  6. Can you tell me from where i can get City Hunter Raw ??

    • We are using Japanese remastered DVDs, not actually “raws”.

  7. Hi Idaho, the problem with the filters seems to be widespread. I have the same problem as jet chan. You can solve it by opening the file(s) in mkvmerge and setting the standard track to English, then only the English track shows up, and the Czech one stays hidden (wtf?).

    How did you mux, and what do you use for watching? Never saw this with other files, but it seems to be the case for S1 files at least. MPC-HC latest version here…

    • I’m using CCCP + Media Player Classic Home Cinema and never had any problems. Just press “s” for swapping the sub tracks. All files are muxed in Mkvmerge 4.0.0. I have tried VLC player too, no problems with playback and swapping the subtitles either.

  8. THANK YOU! Perfect! Softsub + Excellent raws :)I love you guys

  9. episode 5 is missing from the uloz link

    • The link is working just fine for me, try to download the file later. Uloz.to sometimes doesn’t work correctly.
      edit: if you have problems downloading from Uloz.to, try to delete cookies and crap from your browser.

  10. Is it possible for you guys to upload the city
    hunter series on some other file sharing sites
    as well like tusfiles or filecloud.


    Awaiting your reply…

    • It’d be quite a pain in the ass. Ulozto, our current direct download site, offers English language for non-czech speakers afaik.

  11. First of all, thanks for your reply.

    I know it is actually a pain. The only reason i suggested that was so that if the file is taken down it would be online atleast on some other site.
    Infact, i’ve started downloading this series last week so i was worried that if the file is taken down then i would be in a no man’s land.

    And secondly, i personally like this site (Uloz.to).
    So i dont have a problem with czech language. As matter of fact, i use it the way it is.

    And, sorry for the request on three different pages, i was actually desperate for a reply so posted it on three difff. pages.

    And, Lastly, thank you for such a wonderful release for a great series. I appreciate your efforts for completing the city hunter series.

    • If the file is put away from Ulozto, just write into our Shoutbox and we’ll upload it asap. There is always XDCC that works if bot is on-line.

      You are welcome. We did it from love to our Mokkori Hero!

  12. I really like this fansub group. Though i doubt that the file will be taken down, but yeah i will surely write into your shoutbox if it does.

    Thanks again…

  13. Hey guys, the episode 9 has no subtitles after the ending .i.e the preview part. Any ideas why?
    Is it possible for you guys to look into it?

    • I’m pretty sure that I have explained that before somewhere. We had taken R1 DVD subs and pasted them on R2 DVD rips. However, R1 DVD has different preview in two cases: City Hunter soundtrack advertising, if I remember correctly.

      • Ok…
        Then its fine..

  14. Hey guys,
    I had a question.
    Why are the videos 704×464 and not 720×480?
    I mean DVD rips are usually 640×480 or 720×480, I was just meaning to ask you whether it has been cropped or something like that?

    Anyways, thanks again for an awesome encode of a great series.

    • It’s just an anamorphic video resolution. The real aspect ratio. that you see in your player, is determined by MKV parameters.


  16. It’s been years since the last comment woah.
    Anyone know if the torrent is still working, I keep getting some google spam thing?

    • The link has been updated..

  17. Hi Guys,

    The torrent link won’t work for me, are there any issues?
    Can you please fix it or post another link?

    • the link is updated